Below find some generally asked questions. Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or telephone.
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Can foreign nationals own property in Egypt?
Yes, foreigners are able to both buy and sell land and property in Egypt.

Do I need a solicitor?
Yes, it is essential to have a local solicitor. Horus-Property can recommend you a good one, who also charges fair prices.

Do I need to have an Egyptian bank account?
You don't need to have an Egyptian bank account in order to buy, though it might be useful at a later stage if you wish to rent out your property. There are many different banks in the area and it is pretty easy to make an account.

Will it be possible to rent out my property?
Yes, it will be possible. Horus-Property will be at your service helping you to set a proper rental and in some cases we can also help you renting out the place.

Are the properties generally sold with or without furniture?
Both are possible. But be aware that the Egyptian style might be quite a bit different than the European.

Can we get home insurance in Egypt?
Yes. There are several recognized insurance companies operating in Egypt. We shall be happy to provide you with contact numbers.

How long time will it take to finish the deal from the agreement till the property is mine?
The time varies from case to case, though in general you can say it takes approx. 3 months if you are purchasing an already finished property - though this means that you have to be available to sign the various registrations (or you can make a power of attorney) as well as all papers from the seller are in order. If the property is in the process of being build it will take longer.

What type of running costs should I expect?
Water and electricity. Water is approx. 20 ŁE per ton and you have to calculate with approx. 50 ŁE per months in electricity for a normal household. Prices may vary depending on location or resort.
If you purchase an apartment, you have to be aware of an amount for the doorman.

What are the payment terms?
The payment terms varies from property to property depending whether it is a ready property or it is still under construction. With ready properties the most usual is 10% in advance payment and the rest upon approval by the legal authorities. Please ask for more information with the specific properties.

Are there any taxes?
At present time no.

How much does a solicitor cost?
The prices vary from solicitor to solicitor. Mr. Gawish, working with Horus-Property charges a reasonable fee including every step in order to finish the deal such as registrations, stamps and assistance. All buyers are free to choose their own solicitor.

Do I need a visa?
You need to have a 1-year tourist visa in order be able to obtain the contract. Apart from that you need a resident visa in order to live here. Please notice, this visa does not entitle you to work. It is very easy to get the visa and our lawyer will be happy to assist you if needed.