Egypt is considered as one of the best and most beneficial places in the world for investing in real estate.

After you have found your dream home it is time to finish all the legalities:

STOP 1: Investigation by the governmental authorities in order to find out

  Who is the real owner of the property?
  Does the owner have a registration contract?
  Are there any restrictions, mortgages or lines on the property?
  Is the owner Egyptian or foreign?
  Does the have building permission?

STOP 2: Signing the contract

After finishing the investigation the next step is to draw up a sales contract between seller and buyer, which will include some guarantees in the favor of the buyer. For example, seller not to challenge the buyer in his ownership and utilization of the sold unit.

The sales contract will also include a clause, which considers the signature of the seller as the final receipt of receiving the total amount of money for the sold unit.

STOP 3: Power of attorney

Both the seller and the buyer must take a power of attorney with each their attorney in order for seller to be able to sell the property and for the buyer in order to be able to buy. The attorney will then be allowed to sign on their behalf on the final contract in front of the notary public and make all the necessary steps regarding registration.

STEP 4: Registrations

The seller must sign a delivery record of the sold unit and notarize it in the notary public. The buyer will go to the notary public to begin the registration steps to register his new property.